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Creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated, Ashlee Cook - Managing Director - brings an exceptional range of skills and talent to all things beauty.  With well over a decade of experience in strategic marketing and product development (concept to consumer), Ashlee is a visionary who thrives in the fast-paced, artistic world of beauty care. An accomplished businesswoman, including experience as a spokesmodel, Ashlee parlays a unique combination of skills making her effective both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. 


While at Ulta Beauty, Ashlee led the innovation and product development of cosmetics, skin care, sun care and body care. Known for her keen eye for predicting trends, she revolutionized Ulta’s private label skincare collection and created its first Korean beauty offering. Ashlee also reinvigorated Ulta's cosmetics assortment, launching hundreds of new products every year, staying ahead of the hottest trends and delivering double-digit comp growth.  Ashlee’s expertise in marketing strategy and promotional planning helped her lead H2O+ Beauty’s global branding and PR initiatives. Using her marketing ingenuity, combined with her worldwide education seminars and press events, she greatly increased the brand’s exposure, bolstering sales both online and in 1,500+ doors. 


At a young age, Ashlee honed her skills as an actor and model. During this time, she developed an understanding for the importance of quality cosmetic products and her passion for beauty began. Today, she’s widely recognized within the B2B, B2C and the CPG beauty industry as a beauty expert and personality. Through her work, Ashlee has had the opportunity to represent brands on TV and social media channels, as well as for trainings, corporate events, PR desk sides and speaking engagements. 


Constantly inspired by what’s around her, Ashlee spends her free time soaking up the influences offered by international travel. In between her work and exploring, she enjoys singing and listening to live music.

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